Lisa Garland

MPH, Clinical Intern





Lisa Garland brings a comprehensive educational background to her role as a sex therapy intern. She has extensive experience working with individuals of all ages, assisting them through various traumas and health challenges, both sexual and non-sexual. She also offers gender affirming services as an inclusive ally of the LGBTQ+ community.






A sex therapist smiles warmly.

Her Experience

Drawing on over 13 years in the sexual health field, Lisa’s journey as a health educator and community health organizer fueled her passion for the counseling aspects of the job. Currently pursuing an MSW at North Carolina Central University, Lisa is excited to officially embark on a career in sex therapy.

As a bilingual therapist (Spanish/English) with a robust sexual health knowledge base, her unique approach, influenced by a public health background, sets her apart. Lisa has a BA in Sociology from UNC Chapel Hill and an Masters in Public Health from UNC Chapel Hill.

During sessions, Lisa cultivates a welcoming and judgment-free environment, understanding the courage it takes to choose therapy. Beyond academics and training, Lisa finds joy in gardening, nature walks, discussing snakes, and quality time with her partner and two kids. Her love for storytelling and humor adds a personal touch to her life outside of work.

Why Lisa is a Match 

Ideal clients for Lisa are those committed to putting in the effort for therapy, individuals seeking self-improvement, and those grappling with issues affecting their sexual health. Her inclination is towards mindfulness and motivational interviewing, embracing a generalist point of view in her studies to make her adaptable to diverse client needs. Lisa is part of the Sex Therapy at Affordable Rates Initiative (STAAR), meaning clients can meet with Lisa or one of our clinical interns for only $30 for the initial intake session and $20 for each subsequent session.