Improving Sexual Health

Through Therapy, Education and Training.

Carolina Sexual Wellness Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with the mission of providing high quality and affordable sex therapy, education, and professional training to the broader community. We aim to integrate sex positivity into every aspect of our work. Our goal is to have a broad impact by not only helping individuals change their lives but also empowering other professionals to continue the change.

We are an affirming organization that recognizes all sexual orientations, gender identities, relationship structures, and consensual and pleasurable modes of sexual expression as normal, potentially healthy, and a baseline for connection, with self and/or others.

We strive to include understanding of how systemic oppression impacts individuals and society, and integrate that awareness into everything we do.

We eventually hope to achieve a world in which pleasure-based sex positive sexuality is the norm, and all people are empowered to determine what healthy sexuality and sexual expression look like for them.

Ways We Help


We offer compassionate, affirming and informed sex therapy services for a wide range of sex- and gender-related concerns in addition to co-occurring mental health issues. We work with adolescents and adults from all backgrounds and strive to make our services available to the whole community.



We recognize the lack of honest and accessible sex education that makes establishing healthy sexuality and sexual relationships across the lifespan a challenge. We work to remedy this by offering relevant, sex positive educational opportunities to the community.



At CSWC, we want to ensure that every therapist in the community is knowledgeable and comfortable enough to discuss issues related to sex and sexuality with their clients from a non-judgmental and factually accurate perspective.


We believe sexual health should be accessible to everyone.

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