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Types of Therapy

Carolina Sexual Wellness Center offers individual, relationship, family, and group psychotherapy services to address a wide range of sex, sexuality, and gender-related concerns.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy with a sex therapist/gender specialist can provide a safe space to explore aspects of the self that often bring up shame, anxiety, and feelings of inadequacy. A knowledgeable sex therapist can facilitate exploration, alleviate anxiety, challenge problematic or inaccurate assumptions, increase understanding, foster empowerment, and eliminate toxic shame. It is often impossible to differentiate someone’s sexual issues from the rest of their lives, therefore our therapists treat the whole person in their work with clients, acknowledging the connection between the sexual and nonsexual aspects of their lives. Our therapists are warm, knowledgeable, passionate, and of course nonjudgmental. Step toward health and wholeness today by contacting us for an appointment.

Relationship/Couples Therapy

Most relationships have moments of discontent and disconnection to a greater or lesser degree, and sex can be a factor that can cause or worsen this unhappiness. Partners often get stuck in problematic interpersonal patterns, feeling powerless to change these patterns despite knowing they are unhelpful, unhealthy and destructive. This is where seeing a sex therapist with your partner(s) can be helpful. Having a trained and knowledgeable sex therapist in your corner can help identify patterns and find creative and realistic ways to intervene. Relationship therapy with a sex therapist can help you make difficult conversations more productive and jumpstart the process of fundamental change in your relationship. Our sex therapists can help you build a sexual relationship that is mutually pleasurable and fulfilling. Take a step today toward prioritizing yourself and your sexual relationship by contacting us for an appointment.

Family Therapy

Parents need to be invested in helping kids develop into grounded healthy adults in all areas, and gender and sexuality is no different. Family therapy with a sex therapist/gender specialist is a great way for families to start talking about the hard stuff with someone who understands the complexities of issues related to sex, sexuality, and gender fit into the broader family system. A sex therapist can help facilitate exploration and understanding, and integration within the individual and the family. Sometimes the perspectives of different family members can be at odds, and a sex therapist can foster understanding, empathy, support, and direction. For taking a step toward healing your family, contact us today for an appointment.

Group Therapy

For many, the idea of group therapy can be intimidating, even overwhelming. The notion of talking to a group of strangers about some of your most personal and private, even shameful, parts of yourself sounds exceedingly difficult. Group therapy, however, can be a very powerful tool in your healing journey. Group therapy allows you to meet, and be inspired by, people with similar issues so you don’t feel so alone. It provides a safe space to practice new relational skills, have connection and accountability, increased support, movement toward authenticity, and broadens your perspective. Our current group offering is for Out of Control Sexual Behavior (“sex addiction”). Group therapy is the optimal treatment model for these issues. To take a step toward healing from your past, contact us for an initial appointment.


Teletherapy, also known as virtual therapy or telehealth sessions, offers a convenient option for clients to skip the commute into the office while still benefiting from the life changes that come with engaging in therapy. We use a secure HIPAA-compliant telehealth platform to connect with clients in a live video session. You can connect with your therapist in the comfort of your own home or in between meetings during a busy work day. We offer both individual and relationship/family teletherapy. 

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