Empowering Your Sexual Wellness

Explore our complementary resources created by Carolina Sexual Wellness Center staff.

From a collection of accessible information like suggested readings to comprehensive educational toolkits, our goal is to enhance your understanding and practice of sexual wellness.

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Educational Toolkits

Our toolkits cover a range of topics to empower you on your journey towards healthier and more fulfilling sexual wellness. Access our free, comprehensive toolkits and explore a more vibrant and confident you.

Consent Education Toolkit

The CSWC Consent Education Toolkit includes:

  • Elements of safe intimate spaces.
  • Examples and scripts for establishing consent.
  • Identifying verbal and non-verbal cues.
  • Examples of consent models within Queer communities.
  • Exploring the ways consent appears in varying kink settings.
  • Examples of disabilities and navigating consent alongside them.

And much more. Explore the toolkit here.

Healthy Communication Toolkit - Coming Soon!

  • Guides for open dialogues about desires and boundaries.
  • Communication tools for fostering intimacy.
  • Tips for navigating difficult conversations.

Building Intimacy Toolkit - Coming Soon!

  • Strategies for building emotional intimacy.
  • Creative ideas for enhancing physical intimacy.
  • Connecting on a deeper level with your partner(s).

Sexual Health and Wellness Toolkit - Coming Soon!

  • Comprehensive guides on sexual health.
  • Information on contraception and safe practices.
  • Tips for maintaining overall sexual well-being.

Bystander Empowerment Toolkit - Coming Soon!

  • How to be an active bystander in various situations.
  • Intervention strategies and respectful communication.
  • Empowering communities to create safe spaces.


Tech-Savvy Intimacy Toolkit - Coming Soon!

  • Privacy and security measures for online intimacy.
  • Navigating technology in the realm of sexual wellness.
  • Federal and State (NC) legal rights.

Relationship Check-In Toolkit - Coming Soon!

  • Tools for assessing the health of your relationship.
  • Discussing expectations and future goals.
  • Strategies for maintaining a strong emotional connection.

Sexual Diversity and Inclusivity Toolkit - Coming Soon!

  • Understanding and embracing diverse sexual orientations.
  • Cultivating an inclusive and supportive environment.
  • Resources for addressing misconceptions and stereotypes.


Post-Traumatic Growth Toolkit - Coming Soon!

  • Supporting individuals who have experienced sexual trauma.
  • Strategies for healing and rebuilding trust.
  • Navigating intimacy after trauma.

Raising Sexually Aware Families Toolkit - Coming Soon!

  • Scripts to establish understanding of intimacy and sex within a family dynamic.
  • Methods of education appropriate for developmental stages.
  • Fostering environments that empower bodily autonomy, conscious consent, practical awareness.
  • Tips for navigating the digital world safely.

Professionally Vetted Resources

Discover a curated list of insightful readings by our sex therapists to support your sexual wellness journey. Whether you’re looking to enhance your communication skills, explore new levels of intimacy, or navigate challenging situations, our recommended readings can help you gain the knowledge and confidence you need. 




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