We Should All Be Embodied

I hope you have had the pleasure of listening to WUNC’s Embodied, a weekly radio show hosted by Anita Rao that is “an exploration of our brains and our bodies that touches down in taboo territory.”  Some of my favorite topics they have explored are the science, culture and equity in menstruation, sexual aftercare, the art and technology of sex toys, body neutrality, dating and romance with terminal illness, and the history of lingerie.  I have been waiting for Embodied to do a show on sex therapy since “brains and bodies” are such a huge part of our work.

Embodied finally addressed sex therapy as a topic this month in their episode “Sex Therapy: Beyond the Physical,” which aired May 6, 2022. It featured interviews with three sex therapists:

  • Dr. Lauren Walker, a registered clinical psychologist and associate professor at the University of Calgary
  • Dr. Donno Oriowo, a sex and relationship therapist in Maryland
  • Zoe Kors, a consultant for the sexual wellness app Coral

If you are interested in hearing more about sex therapy, how emotions affect sex, the intersection of racism and sexuality, and how technology can amp up your sex life, then check out the episode here:

 Sex Therapy: Beyond the Physical

You will even get to hear a small cameo by yours truly!

I am so grateful for Embodied taking on this topic and revealing what is behind the curtain of sex therapy. It can be a rich, healing and invigorating process. Check it out! And when you are finished, if you want to experience sex therapy for yourself please reach out to us at 919-297-8322 to get set up with an appointment.

— Dr. Krista Nabar, PsyD, LP, HSPP


Dr. Nabar is the Executive Director of Carolina Sexual Wellness Center. She is a Licensed Psychologist and Health Services Provider in Psychology in North Carolina and a Certified Sex Therapist by the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT). To learn more about Carolina Sexual Wellness Center’s services, please call our office at 919-297-8322.

Dr. Krista Nabar
Executive Director | PsyD, LP, HSPP

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